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After we have finished the tour of Blue Cave on island Bisevo, visited the most beautiful European beach in 2016, Stiniva cove, discovered the hidden beauty of Green cave and relaxed in the clear lagoon of Budikovac island we head towards town Hvar. But not before we stop in Palmizana on St. Klement island, a part of 16 islands archipelago stretching all the way to the port of Hvar.

Palmizana is the place where we spend the most amount of time on our Blue Cave tour from Split, ranging between two and two and a half hours. We chose to spend this much time here for a number of different reasons.

Cuisine of Palmizana

Because sea around St. Klement island where Palmizana is located is extremely clean and rich in different fish and shellfish species the restaurants on Palmizana are always supplied with freshly caught sea food.

Aside from that, there are numerous vegetable gardens on Palmizana bringing fresh supplies of local vegetables straight to the restaurant kitchens.

You may have difficult time choosing the restaurant in Palmizana because all of them provide beautiful view on the bay, are amazingly decorated and provide a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Because of its history, tradition, amazing location and great Mediterranean food we highly recommend restaurant Meneghello, but you are free to choose the restaurant which appeals to you.

Palmizana Beach Bar

If you are looking for a relaxed time on a deck chair by the beach or simply sit down by the sea in the comfortable surrounding with nature inspired decoration holding the refreshing cocktail in hand, head down the beach towards Laganini bar.

Laganini bar is famous for it comfortable and relaxed atmosphere as the sounds of music intertwine with the song of the sea.

Palmizana bay

The deep bay of Palmizana is usually filled with different boats and yachts that come to moor here each summer. At the bottom of the bay there is a narrow beach where you can rent a deck chair or simply leave you stuff at a side and enter the crystal clear sea. The sea bottom in front of the main beach is covered in white sand and is relatively shallow so that children of all ages can enjoy. The beach is protected by the net so that no boats can enter the beach area.

When looking at the beach from the sea, on your left side you will sea a rocky shore shaded with lush pine forest. If you are looking for some solitude this is where you want to go. On the right side you will find Laganini bar and restaurant where you can go to sit down and relax by the sea.

Uninhabited island

St. Klement island is uninhabited which, when you go to explore it, gives you a Robinson like feeling. There are nature trails all across the island, and since the island is small you can explore it in relatively short amount of time. When you head to explore it you may find some hidden beaches and beautiful swimming spots we have not discussed here.

Botanical Gardens of Palmizana

Meneghello family which is responsible for tourism rise of the island is also responsible for a beautiful botanical garden covering the large area around Meneghello restaurant. Professor Eugen Meneghello began brining in different exotic plants from all across the world and planting them on his land in Palmizana. The result today, after almost one hundred years of planting this garden, is a symphony of sight and scent bringing unmatched beauty this botanical garden provides to Palmizana visitors.