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When we hit to the island of Bisevo, on our Blue Cave tour, there is one fun fact you have to know- only 7 people live on the island whole year-round! You all know that the Bisevo island is being known for its Blue Cave in which the sunlight enters into the cave through a crack in the rock and creates an amazing blue glowing effect all around the cave.

The entrance to the Blue Cave measures 1.5 meters high and 2.5 meters wide and that is the reason why when the weather is bad and the sea level rises, the cave is closed and we cannot enter for visit.

When traveling far on the sea, one has to have so many essential questions such as- what about toilet?  Relax- there are public toilets on Bisevo island, you’re safe!

When you enter for the first time in the Blue Cave and discover this amazing clear blue water, just like on the postcards, you just want to jump from the boat and take a swim. Unfortunately Blue Cave is nature protected area and swimming is prohibited and also because of the crowd in summer it can get dangerous.

But don’t worry, we stop at many amazing places so you will be able to jump off the boat for a magical swimming experience. If you’re lucky, wild dolphins may even join you for an enchanting experience. Simply unforgettable!

Snorkeling masks are provided for you on boat and this is one more advantage of traveling with us- every time we stop or pause at a location, you will be able to jump into the beautiful turquoise waters and swim around.

Don’t forget to catch as many pictures of Stiniva beach once you get there, since exactly this beach is the one that was proclaimed for the most beautiful beach in whole Europe. This gorgeous, gorgeous beach is a small bay hidden from the view of passing boats, framed by the high cliffs which give it a mystic atmosphere and a paradise-like feeling! Thanks to its beauty, it is now revealed to the world as the top beach in Europe. Because of its unique visuals and underwater life it is protected as a nature reserve.

Vis has numerous fantastic diving locations with its rich underwater world filled with caves, rocks, corals and sea creatures. It offers not only beautiful nature, but also interesting sights of sunken ships, submarines or planes, as well as the numerous broken amphorae which makes the underwater experience so much more unique.

While driving, you will see military bunkers and interesting military stuff on the island of Vis.

Famous rock formation on south side of Vis islandWhat will impress you most in this area are the beautiful cliffs and the way how the winds and waves have cut and shaped the land and made interesting rock formations that look like fallen ancient cities.

Diving inside turquoise lagoon of Budikovac islands with incredible transparent sea will show you that this is a place for the most amazing underwater selfies!

Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera with you because the photos of the sea animals around you so will surely be your favorite ones. It is a perfect place for all those looking for privacy and this part of the world can for sure be called heaven on Earth, with its breathtaking lagoon and pebble beach, forming a dream picture.

Palmizana is heaven on earth, a green island paradise with thousands of plants from all around the world. The resort is far away from the stress of civilization, a true botanical garden, intact nature and all its sounds, smells, flavors and tastes, crystal clear sea and the most beautiful bays and beaches in the world. There is no such atmosphere anywhere – such a view, environment, flowers, plants, palms, agave, sounds – crickets.

When approaching Hvar– the natural bush land with hundreds of birds around island will make you feel like in some another space. Have a walking tour of the island- from the island piazza you can see Hvar Fortress and hike all the way to the top to reach fort Fortica or how the locals call it- Spanjola. This hill overlooking the town of Hvar is a magnificent viewpoint. From here, you can look down on the town itself, watch the comings and goings in the harbour, see the Pakleni islands and the sea beyond.

Considered as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world, Hvar is famous for its history, lavender fields, olive oil, one of the best wines in country and- as Croatia’s coolest clubbing destination. Many famous people, such as Prince Harry and Beyonce, have been drawn to the Island of Hvar for its potential and the many things it has to offer.

In the last couple of years, Hvar has become renowned as one of the best party destinations in Europe with nearly non-stop day and night parties. For the end of a journey- have a cocktail on Hvar seafront and return fulfilled with impressions of one of those ‘once in a life time’ unforgettable days behind you!