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Right in front of town Hvar on Hvar island stands an island archipelago consisting of 16 small islands stretching over 10 kilometers to the East. There are settlements on 3 of those islands but most famous is definitively the island of St. Klement where Palmizana settlement is located.

The tourism on Palmizana islands, its world wide reputation and ultimately the fairytale look and feel of the island are primarily due to the Meneghello family who inhabits the island for past 300 years. On its estate, which spreads over the large percentage of the island, professor Eugen Meneghello brought exotic plants from all over the world creating breathtaking botanical garden over 100 years ago.

The botanical garden which is full of all kinds of exotic plants is the main reason why Palmizana has become the tourist destination it is today. Besides botanical garden and its exotic plants you can find wild Rosemary on every corner of Palmizana. Its magical scent is spreading all across the island which gave Palmizana its second name, the island of Rosemary.

Besides rosemary Palmizana is also full of Aloe plant which grows everywhere. The medicinal benefits of Aloe are known to everyone especially its capacity to heal and renew skin.

Besides botanical garden wild aloe and rosemary plants the sea around Meneghello estate is also very special in a way. This area of Adriatic sea conceals the largest number of ancient shipwrecks and thus divers can easily find amphora hidden on the sea floor. This is the reason Meneghello family is the owner of largest collection of amphora in Croatia. You can see beautiful amphora displayed in their famous restaurant.

Besides ancient shipwrecks and amphora the sea around St. Klement island is extremely reach in fish, different seashells and corals. If you choose to dive around St. Klement island you will undoubtedly be blown away by the breathtaking underwater landscapes.

The richness of seafood around St. Klement island is the prime reason why the traditional cuisine of Palmizana restaurants is worldly renowned. Based on fish, shellfish, lobsters and scampi masterfully combined with usually grilled vegetables freshly picked from the island gardens, Palmizana cuisine has been voted as one of the best in Mediterranean by different popular magazines like German Magazine Boote and English Traveler.

You can expect exactly that when you visit Meneghello restaurant in Palmizana. Traditionally prepared fresh seafood with fresh local vegetables grown in their islands gardens, combined with local wines provide for the unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The other unique trait of Meneghello restaurant is its position. It is not located right by the sea as you would expect but some 30 meters walk through the botanical garden. This provides with the unprecedented view on the entire Palmizana bay, crystal transparent sea and all kinds of boats coming in and out of this paradise destination.

We stop at the Palmizana bay on our Blue Cave tour from Split and if you ask our skippers where you can stop for lunch they will undoubtedly recommend Meneghello restaurant for all the reasons stated above.