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Blue cave tour from Split has definitively become the most popular island day tours from Split. Since, during the past couple of years the tourism in Split has bloomed and increasing number of visitors decide to visit Split each year, the demand for the Blue cave trip from Split from has risen simultaneously.

Last year was a record year for the number of visitors Blue Cave on island Bisevo has received during one summer with little over 70,000 visitors. This year, already in September, Blue cave has received over 100,000 visitors. Because of this, there can be rather long lines to enter the Blue Cave and visitors can end up waiting for their entrance to the cave for a long time. Luckily, the company which operates the Blue Cave has recognized this issue so they have made changes regarding the ticket numbering and have provided shade for the visitors waiting in lines for the tour.

So when looking for the tourist agency which organizes the Blue Cave tour from Split you should look for one which offers early departure which greatly increases your chances of not waiting the long lines before visiting the Blue Cave. The second important thing to look at is that the agency includes the Blue Cave entrance ticket in their Blue Cave tour ticket. This comes in very useful once you arrive at the island Bisevo and you don’t have to wait in line to purchase the entrance ticket and then wait another line to enter the boat taking you to the Blue Cave.

Note: you are taken inside the Blue Cave on the wooden boats operated by the Blue Cave company as they are small enough to pass through the narrow cave entrance. Another reason for this is that the traffic inside the cave can be regulated.

There is another useful tip to consider when looking with which tourist agency from Split to book the Blue Cave tour. Because the demand for the Blue cave tour from Split has increased dramatically over the past couple of years so did the number of agencies and local entrepreneurs offering this tour through their website or from different stands throughout the old town of Split.
To make sure you are dealing with legitimate and established company you should clearly see the company ID either on their website or their brochures and other printed out promotional materials. The company ID starts with HR – then different letters and numbers and can usually be found on website footer or in the about us section of the site.

The other information you can look into, before choosing the agency organizing the Blue Cave tour, is the agency reviews on Trip Advisor. If the company is providing consistent guest experience and was a winner of Trip Advisor certificate of excellence certificate is the usually a good sign you are dealing with legitimate agency looking to provide the best possible experience to its clients.

Even though Blue cave on island Bisevo is the main attraction of any Blue Cave tour from Split, this tour takes you to number of other attractions on the different Split islands. This is because, since island Bisevo is almost the most distant island from Split heading towards Italy, it would be too expensive to only go to Blue cave from Split and then return back to Split (the adult tour ticket ranges from 105 Eur to 120 Eur). Because of the distance between Split and island Bisevo the Blue Cave tour can only be done on fast speedboats and considering the fuel cost of the speedboat it is no wonder that different islands and attractions were added to the tour to significantly increase the tour value. There are number of islands you pass through on the way to Bisevo and on your way back you stop on almost each one of them to experience the whole beauty of this region.

So the common Blue Cave tour from Split usually includes destinations and attractions like Stiniva Cove (voted the most beautiful European beach in 2016), Green Cave (where we enter inside with speedboat), Budikovac island (perfect place to relax and refresh in its crystal clear lagoon), Palmizana (vacation paradise with best Mediterranean cuisine) and town Hvar (world famous travel destination).

Once you book the Blue Cave tour from Split, to help you best experience it, we have prepared some useful tips which will help you enjoy in each moment of the tour.

Tips to ensure great time on the tour

1. Since our tour to Blue Cave start each day at 08:00 AM from downtown in Split, and considering the ride towards island Bisevo lasts around 01:30 to 01:45 hours it is wise to have breakfast and coffee before the tour. There is a restroom facility on island Bisevo and till you arrive at Palmizana on Pakleni islands (around 01:15 PM) there will not be another one.

2. Because of the length of the tour (entire tour lasts for approximately 10 and a half hours), besides breakfast, it is important to bring a bottle of water and packed snacks or sandwiches. There will not be a place to stop to eat till we arrive at Palmizana (around 01:15 PM) where there is a selection of high quality restaurants so it is vital to have something to relieve the hunger in between. The lunch in Palmizana is optional so considering if you wish to go for a lunch or not, bring enough food to last you till 06:30 PM when we usually return from the Blue Cave tour. There is also an opportunity to grab something to eat once we arrive at Hvar town.

3. Even though we provide snorkeling masks on the tour if you have your own snorkeling equipment bring it with you to enjoy the underwater world as best as possible. We don’t provide flippers so in case you need them for snorkeling make room for them as well. There are some unique and beautiful bays and beaches we will stop for swimming and snorkeling along the way and having the equipment you are used to will definitively make the experience that much more pleasurable.

4. Many people get excited when they realize that our Blue Cave tour from Split includes the town Hvar as the destination on the tour. Even though we spend around one and a half hours in Hvar the time can pass pretty quickly if you don’t know what you want to see and experience while in Hvar. We advise you to read about the Hvar attractions and make a list you wish to and are able to visit in the allocated time. We definitively recommend you to climb the Spanish fortress for the unprecedented view of Hvar and Pakleni islands archipelago.

5. Depending on the weather and the month you are going on the Blue Cave tour the temperature can get chilly especially in the early morning when we start the tour and in the late afternoon when we return from the tour. Make room in your backpack for a jacket, preferably the waterproof one as it can come in handy when there are less than ideal weather conditions on the tour.

Blue Cave tour from Split really provides the real insight into all the beauties of Split islands and central Dalmatia. Take this tips into account and you will be sure to have the highlight of your vacation on the action packed speedboat tour.