Some people wonder

Was Stiniva a Cave as Well?

Because of the shape of Stiniva Cove there is a speculation that Stiniva Cove was actually a cave whose ceiling collapsed

Pass the Stiniva Gates and Behold

Famous Stiniva Beach

As you swim through the narrow Stiniva Gates a white pebble beach invites you to lay down and relax

Clear Blue Sea of

Stiniva Cove

Swimming and Snorkeling inside the clear blue sea of Stiniva Cove is refreshing experience

Stiniva Beach inside the famous Stiniva Cove

Probably the most popular beach in this part of the Adriatic, besides Zlatni Rat in Bol, and definitively the most famous beach on island Vis is Stiniva Cove. You have undoubtedly seen photos of Stiniva Cove with its beach in many travel magazines promoting Croatia and probably wondered where that beach is located, hoping you will one day get the opportunity to visit it.

Tour Itinerary

Tour starts every day at 08 AM from Promenade in Split. Return from Split is scheduled around 06:30 PM.
Itinerary is subject to change due to safety and weather conditions.


Sightseeing of Blue Cave


Swimming break in Stiniva Cove


Swimming in the Green Cave (optional)


Lagoon of Island Budikovac


Free time in Palmižana bay


Free time in Hvar Town

Blue Cave Tour Video Presentation

Blue Cave tour from Split with its destinations and attractions presented by an aerial camera


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What is Stiniva Cove?

Stiniva Cove is located on the south side of Vis island just a 15 minute ride from the Blue Cave by our speedboat. It is a long protected bay with the main attraction hidden deep at its bottom. Massive stone walls at the bay bottom form a narrow entrance to the small bay with the silver pebble beach at its base. As you enter Stiniva bay the pebble beach and its small bay are well protected by the tall stone gates that many who pass through here are unaware of the natural beauty hidden right within their grasp.

It is speculated that Stiniva Cove was once a cave whose ceiling collapsed forming a natural phenomenon we witness today. This speculation could as well be truth as you can clearly imagine cave entrance, which is now Stiniva gates, cave walls which are there to this day, with only a cave ceiling missing to form a complete picture.

Swimming and Snorkeling inside Stiniva bay

We moor our speedboat just outside the Stiniva gates and give you enough time to enjoy in Stiniva Cove properly. What better way to do it then by swimming, snorkeling and sun bathing at its pebble beach.

At the Stiniva bay, where we are moored, the sea is deep but extremely clear so you can easily see all the way to the sea bottom. This is the perfect place to take a snorkeling mask we have on board and enjoy in the healthy marine life below you. You will see different species of fish swimming all around as you snorkel towards Stiniva gates.

Because the sea of Stiniva bay is so clear this is a great place to take underwater photos with the waterproof camera so make sure to bring one if you have it at your disposal. Usually we have such camera on board so if you want to make a few underwater selfies just consult with our crew.

As you reach Stiniva Gates all the beauty of the Stiniva Cove starts unfolding before your eyes. Massive walls surround a shallow clear bay with silver pebble beach inviting you to lay down and enjoy in the view that is surrounding you.

In the far corner of the beach there is a small bar if you are in need for a quick refreshment.

After approximately half an hour we meet again on the speedboat and proceed towards the next destination on our Blue Cave excursion.

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