Don't Pass on the Opportunity to

Dive under Light Beam

The legend of the Green Cave states that if you dive under the beam of light emanating from the cave ceiling you will live for 100 years.

Sea Algae and Sun Reflection Create

The Green Color inside the Cave

The inside of the cave is colored in green from the sun reflecting on the sea algae covering the stones on the cave bottom

Swimming in front of

Green Cave Entrance

Swimming and jumping from the top of the Green Cave entrance is a usual sight

Green Cave Croatia Hidden on Vis island

Besides the Blue Cave on Bisevo island, the amazing second cave you will visit on our Blue Cave tour from Split is the Green Cave on the island Ravnik, just a short distance from Vis island. Island Ravnik is a small uninhabited island whose popularity is primarily due to the presence of Green Cave it hides in its belly.

Green Cave or the Green Grotto, as some like to call it, is located on the South West side of Ravnik island and is a must stop on all the speedboat tours visiting Blue Cave and Vis archipelago.

Tour Itinerary

Tour starts every day at 08 AM from Promenade in Split. Return from Split is scheduled around 06:30 PM.
Itinerary is subject to change due to safety and weather conditions.

As of July 01st 2017 the entrance fee to enter inside Green Cave is € 10. On our Blue Cave tour we have stopped going at the Green Cave which can now be visited as a part of a private tour to Blue Cave


Sightseeing of Blue Cave


Swimming break in Stiniva Cove


Swimming in the Green Cave (optional)


Lagoon of Island Budikovac


Free time in Palmižana bay


Free time in Hvar Town

Blue Cave Tour Video Presentation

Blue Cave tour from Split with its destinations and attractions presented by an aerial camera


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Ticket excludes: entrance fee to the Blue Cave, lunch (available with prior reservation, optional), entrance fee to the Hvar Fortress (optional), entrance fee to the Green Cave ( additional 10 EUR must be payed on the day of the tour, optional), gratuities (optional)

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Inside the Green Cave Croatia

As you approach the Green Cave you will notice the two natural entrances into the cave. The smaller one on the left and the larger entrance on the right side. As opposed to the Blue Cave where you enter with a small wooden ship provided by the locals, we can enter inside the Green Cave with our speedboat.

As we enter inside the Green Cave you will undoubtedly first notice the specious room inside the cave with towering cave walls all around you. The green reflection on the walls is created as the sun hits the rocks on the cave bottom which are covered with green algae. This phenomenon is the reason Green Cave got its name.

The biggest attraction inside the cave is certainly a circular hole on the top of the cave ceiling. The sun beam enters the hole and you can clearly see the beam of light coming from the top of the cave all the way beneath the sea surface reflecting on the rocky cave bottom. This famous light beam is responsible for creating mesmerizing light effects inside the cave.

Jumping, Swimming and Snorkeling at Green Cave

Inside the Green Cave, as opposed to its popular counterpart Blue Cave, the swimming and snorkeling is allowed. This presents the unique opportunity to experience a special feeling of swimming and snorkeling inside the cave.

As you dive beneath the sea surface, using the snorkeling masks we have on board, you will enjoy in the strong blue light coming from the cave entrances. But again, the true underwater attraction is the beam of light reflecting from the sea bottom creating magical golden bubbles of light.

The legend of the Green Cave states that if you dive through these golden bubbles of light you will live for one hundred years so make sure to check this task of your to do list. If you have an underwater camera be sure to have it with you as the underwater scenery of the Green Cave is perfect for creating everlasting memories.

The last attraction of the Green Cave, for those of more adventurous spirit, is a jump from the top of the Green Cave into the clear sea below. There is no legend connected with this jump, and it can be a bit dangerous, but as we leave the Green Cave of Ravnik island, you will undoubtedly see a few who dared to try.

Keep in mind though, once you climb to the top of the Green Cave there is no way down but to jump!

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