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Just as you have finished your tour of the famous Blue Cave on island Bisevo, still gathering impressions we leave on a short speedboat ride towards the most beautiful beach of Vis island called Stiniva Cove.

As we enter this deep bay, surrounded by the dark blue crystal clear sea, from the start you are not aware what awaits for you at the end of the bay. It looks like the end of the bay is nothing but the tall massive rock walls sculptured by the chisel made of sea, with no beach or anything else appealing waiting for you there.

Stiniva Cove

Not until you get a bit closer. As we approach the bay’s end you notice that those massive stone walls actually form a narrow gate through which you can see a silver pebble beach shining from within.

We moor our boat close to the Stiniva gates from where you jump outside of boat into the crystal clear refreshing sea and immediately start swimming towards the gates to discover what actually awaits you on the other side.

Stiniva Beach

This is the best way to experience Stiniva beach and cove for the first time. As you arrive at the gates you will be struck by the massive stone walls which, you now notice encircle almost entire Stiniva beach.

Because of this, and you will notice it undoubtedly too, there is a prevailing theory that suggest that Stiniva Cove was actually a cave in its beginning. As the time passed, the ceiling of the cave collapsed which has formed a unique landscape of today’s Stiniva.

Because of all these features Stiniva beach was proclaimed a geomorphological monument of nature and is thus protected by the Nature Protection law. We must all strive to keep it clean for generations to come and marvel in the beauty of this nature’s masterpiece.

In the long list of accolades Stiniva has received, this year another one went its way. Over 10,000 travelers of the European best destinations website pooled together to choose the most beautiful European beach. 66% of them voted Stiniva the winner.

Join us on our daily Blue Cave tour from Split and find out first hand what the fuss around Stiniva is all about and marvel in the sheer brilliance of mother nature as, after all, this work of art is created by her hands.