Favarite Vacation Spot in Dalmatia

Hvar and Pakleni Islands

enjoy in sightseeing of ancient Hvar town and enjoy in the tranquility of Pakleni Islands bays

Visit Old Town Trogir

Experience History of UNESCO Heritage Site

old town of Trogir is located on the small island between mainland and the Ciovo Peninsula

Blue Lagoon Croatia

Perfect Swimming and Snorkeling Destination

enjoy in the lagoon nestled in the middle of three islands

Alternative Blue Cave Tour from Split

What Happens when the Blue Cave is closed on particular day? You can get a refund or choose to embark with us on the alternative tour

Blue Lagoon and Trogir Video Presentation

Blue Lagoon and Trogir are new destinations that you visit on alernative Blue Cave tour


Experience Hvar, Pakleni Islands, Šolta, Blue Lagoon and Trogir!

Weather is something we can’t control and that is the main reason why sometimes we have to cancel some of our excursions, primarily for the safety of our guests. Although the weather on the coast seems really right, calm and sunny, it’s very often quite different from the weather at open sea, so we closely monitor the weather and in case of really bad weather we have to cancel some of our tours, most of all, our Blue Cave tour. The Blue Cave is located on the eastern side of Biševo Island, where western winds blow and waves can get pretty high, so since the entrance to the cave is only about 1.5 m high and about 2.5 m wide, the level of the sea rises and it is impossible to enter. This all together prevents a safe visit to the cave.

You can choose to get the refund for the tour or embark on our carefully planned alternative Blue Cave tour

Alternative tour

But don’t despair- in case of cancellation of the Blue Cave tour we have prepared a replacement tour for you. We are inviting you to come and see the incredible beauty of our coast by hopping from the island to the island with our speedboat. It’s going to be equally unique experience and it will stay in your memory forever. First, we are taking you to the most popular island in Croatia- island Hvar, where you can explore its ancient streets or climb the Fortica fortress from which you will have a view that will leave you astonished. After historical city of Hvar, next stop are Pakleni islands where you can enjoy the sun or dive into the crystal clear sea. Then we continue to Šolta where you can enjoy pebble beaches with shades or just rest and have a lunch. Our next stop is Blue Lagoon, snorkelling heaven where you can relax or explore vivid sea bottom. After whole day at the sea, we are taking you to Trogir, where you can explore this charming little town enlisted on UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Tour Itinerary

Tour starts every day at 08:30 AM from Promenade in Split. Return from Split is scheduled around 06:30 PM.
Itinerary is subject to change due to safety and weather conditions.

Tour Attractions

Hvar Town

Walk the charming streets of this historic city

Pakleni Islands

Relax and swim in the breathtaking bays of the archipelago

island Solta-secluded bay
Šolta island

Secluded bay on Šolta island to recharge

Blue Lagoon

Best swimming and snorkeling location near Split


Experience historic old town of Trogir, UNESCO site

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Included in the ticket: tour escort/host, hotel pick up (from selected hotels only: Le Meridien Lav and Radisson Blu hotel on request), use of snorkel equipment, safety equipment

Ticket excludes: food and drinks, lunch, gratuities (optional)

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In case something unexpected happens and you are unable to go on the tour on the booked date just contact us and we will reschedule your tour for the different date or even, in some cases, refund your ticket completely.


Hvar and Pakleni islands archipelago

Hvar is Croatian island that belongs to the group of middle Dalmatian islands.
Due to the large number of sunny days (2718 hours of sun in a year), it is often called the Sunny Hvar.

Hvar got its name from the Greek word ‘Pharos’. Ancient Greeks founded the colony Pharos in 384 BC which makes city of Hvar one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The length of the island is 72 km and it is 10.5 km wide. The total length of the coast is 254,2 km.

Thanks to its warm winters and pleasant summers, it hosts numerous guests.
Hvar is today considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Hvar is also known as the ‘Island of Lavender’ because there are lot of fields of Lavander on the island of Hvar. Lavander is beautiful purple flower with a perky smell and is used in cosmetics industry, in culinary as a spice or decoration, it is also used for aromatherapy and as antiseptic and its use is well known in medicine too.

No matter what you are looking for on your trip in Croatia- you will find it on Island Hvar. From great nightlife, amazing architecture, history, exceptional beaches, crystal clear sea to tasty and unique local cuisine.

Climb up the ancient Fortica fortress for the most beautiful view, drink a coffee right by St. Stephen’s Cathedral situated on Hvar Town’s central square which is the largest in Dalmatia (at 4,500 square metres), visit Benedictine monastery from 1664. which is world known for tradition of making lace from agave thread and is on UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

All of this and so much more you will find on this, one of the sunniest islands in whole Europe.

speedboat ride from Split to town Hvar on Hvar island: 60 min.
speedboat ride from Hvar to Pakleni islands5-15 min.
speedboat ride from Pakleni Islands to Solta: 30-40 min.
speedboat ride from Solta island to Blue Lagoon Lagoon: 25-30 min.
speedboat ride from Blue Lagoon to Trogir: 20-30 min.
speedboat ride from Trogir to Split: 25-35 min.


Not far from island Hvar are located Pakleni islands, uninhabited archipelago consisting of 20 islets and coves.

There are a lot of hidden bays, unbelievable natural beauties, exotic plants, paradise beaches, various sea bottom which is suitable for diving and exploring.

We will reach Pakleni islands from island Hvar with our speedboat within 10 minutes.

The most famous bay is located on the island of St. Klement – Palmižana bay. Palmižana beach has pebble bottom, surrounded with thick pine forest and so many various bars and restaurants where you can try delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

The place that you have to visit is extraordinary Botanical garden in Palmižana bay. These plants, Toto and Dagmar Meneghello together with their whole family grew and raised by their own efforts for more than a century on 320 hectares of land inherited from their ancestors, who bought it back in 1820.

Today, there are more species of mimosas, agave and more than 100 species of succulents, as well as Indian figs and cactuses that are up to five meters tall.

Palm trees also decorate this dreamy garden and for now, there are 46 palm species of which some, apart from Palmižana, can no longer be found anywhere in this part of Europe. There are lots of endemic species like wild orchids, irises and large forests of rosemary. There are also Datura plants that, despite their beauty are perhaps the most poisonous on earth, aloe vera is also one of the species that decorates this beautiful garden. That is how for tens of years something like this could be created only by those who love this island much and too much.

After exploring this beautiful and impressive garden, we suggest you take a swim on this marvelous pebble beach or try some of the local dishes in one of the lovely restaurants.


We continue to Šolta, although not as famous as the island of Hvar, Šolta is definitely worth your visit. Located only 9 miles from Split and full of hidden bays waiting for you to discover them.

Šolta welcomes and offers something for everyone: picturesque beaches, kilometers of trails and promenades, original homemade culinary delicacies, top quality wine, the sweetest honey and the most healing olive oil.

Šolta island will fascinate you with its pebble beaches surrounded by pine forest, but except beautiful beaches and coves Šolta will astonish you with its architecture- baroque castles, remains of Roman buildings, churches and so much more.

Take a walk through the forest or try local products like exceptional olive oil, rosemary honey or just relax and have a lunch.

We suggest you to try olives because most families grow olives and produce tasty olive oil of high quality. Don’t forget to try Dobrinčić wine, made of Dobrinčić type of grape which is Šolta’s indigenous grape.
If you don’t like crowded places Šolta is definitelt place for you. Come and enjoy in learning traditional ways of making wine, olive oil or ginger bread which you can also try, or just swim and relax on one of the sunny beaches.


Blue Lagoon is dreamy utopia situated between two Krknjaši islands and the island Drvenik. Drvenik Island is located 15 miles from Split and 7 miles from Trogir. It is blessed with crystal clear water and vivid sea bottom and it is a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling.

With our speedboat Blue Lagoon is only half an hour distance from Split where you can soak up the sun, swim and dive into crystal clean and transparent sea.

Island Drvenik is best known for its untouched nature and beauty of the sea.

Krknjaši bay is popular because of beautiful shallow beaches with sandy bottom. Along the coast you can find a multitude of small bays with shallow sandy beaches.

Before you leave the speedboat for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling, we will provide you with the snorkelling masks so you can explore the beautiful vivid sea bottom of the Blue Lagoon.

Dress casual, put on your sunglasses, sunscreen and bring your cameras along because this area is known for dolphins, so maybe you’ll be lucky enough to capture few photos.

The Blue Lagoon gives you the chance to escape from the city crowds and crowded places and is therefore one of the favorite destinations for those who want to quietly enjoy the beauty of our Adriatic.


Trogir is the best preserved Romanesque- Gothic city in Europe. The city of Trogir is situated on the islet between the island of Čiovo and the mainland. The castle and a tower surrounded by city walls represent the core of Trogir.

The tower of St. Mark was built in the 15th century for better defense of the city from Turkish invaders, and it was used to connected with Kamerlengo castle.

Situated on the main promenade, Kamerlengo castle was built in 15th century and the space inside the castle serves today as the stage for various performances during summer months.

City of Trogir is also known by the main square where you’ll find the St. Lawrence Cathedral and the city clock tower. St. Lawrence Cathedral was built in 13th century and it’s one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Croatia, its construction lasted for almost 300 years.

While walking through the narrow streets of Trogir you will reach Ćipiko palace which is mix of romanic, gothic and renaissance style. City gates are also built in renaissance style in 1953. The Benedictine Monastery of St. Nikola was founded in 1064. and there is representation of Greek god Kairos, god of happiness and picture of the Virgin Mary with a child from the 13th century.

Trogir riva is located in the southern part of town and it’s a great place to relax or have a coffee. Here you can find one of the most important monuments of the city- the Monastery and the church of St. Dominica. Monastery was destroyed in the bombing in 1944., but it was subsequently rebuilt in its original form.

One unusual tree was named Tree of love because of its discreet place in the shade where love couples would come to have privacy and the legend says that whoever kisses in that place their love would last forever.

After exploring this historical town that is on UNESCO World Heritage Site we will finish our speedboat tour and head back to the city of Split with unforgettable experience and lifetime memories.

Alternative Blue Cave Tour Ticket

Here you can purchase your ticket for the alternative tour from Split as a standalone tour. You will receive your tour ticket immediately upon booking confirmation. You don’t need to print our the tour ticket, just show the ticket to us, once you arrive in our office, on your cell phone or tablet.

Included in the ticket: tour escort/host, hotel pick up (from selected hotels only: Le Meridien Lav and Radisson Blu hotel on request), use of snorkel equipment, safety equipment

Ticket excludes: food and drinks, lunch, gratuities (optional)

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